Ways of Bodybuilding at Home

Building muscle at home is actually a straightforward process and you don’t need any gym equipment. All you’ll need is some creativity and enough commitment to workout frequently. If you’re looking for a safe and muscle toning workout, then a home workout is perfect for you. There’re a few ways that you could build muscle while at home.

  1. Working Your Core and Upper Body
  • Work your chest and arms by doing push-ups.
  • Build your backs and shoulders by doing handstands up against the wall.
  • Work out your arms by doing dips.
  • Do planks to work out your entire core.
  • Build your core and abs by doing crunches.
  • Make use of a heavy book, home dumbbells or a gallon of milk to perform basic curls such as bicep curls, shoulder raises, triceps workouts and bent over rows.
  1. Working Out Your Lower Body
  • For quick building of your leg muscles, use intense cardio.
  • Do wall sits.
  • Try glute bridges.
  • Do donkey kicks.
  • Work on your lunges.
  • Do squats.
  1. Creating a Muscle-Building Routine
  • Form an effective workout schedule that ensures you hit each and every muscle group at least twice in a week.
  • Your focus should be on the great form, not the additional repetitions you do, in order to gain muscle safely and quickly.
  • Do a full-body yoga workout in order to stretch your muscles.
  • You have to push yourself such that the last 2 or 3 reps of every set are hard, but not really impossible.
  • Make sure that you take a balanced diet that’s low on fat but rich in protein.
  • If you’re really serious about working out, then you should consider purchasing any basic home-gym equipment say like an abs wheel roller.

Regularly and correctly following this procedure will get you the results in due time. You don’t need a professional trainer to do any of the above. Just your commitment.

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