Why Shaping Your Body with Weights is the Key to Losing Weight and Looking Fit

So many people, when trying to lose weight, focus only on their nutrition. They follow some extreme diet in hopes of losing lots of weight. As you probably already know, a large majority, about 90% or more, end up gaining back all the weight they lost. A significant number even end up putting on more weight than they lost.

This is what usually happens when the focus of a weight loss program is only on the nutrition aspect. It doesn’t get much better if you perform exercise and that exercise is only some type of aerobics.

So what’s the solution? How can you burn the fat, reshape your body, and keep the weight off over the long term? The key is shaping your body with weights and finding a consistent way to do so.

You see, when you lose weight without any type of strength or weight training, about half the weight you lose is muscle. Muscle is metabolically active, meaning it burns calories. When your body loses muscle, your metabolism slows down.

This makes it tougher to continue to lose weight because you can’t create a calorie deficit. And it makes it easier to end up putting the weight back on as well.

In addition, if your body was a pear shape, you’ll end up being a pear shape, just a smaller pear. It’s what those in the fitness industry call skinny fat. In other words, your overall weight might be okay, but your body composition is not. Your body composition refers to your body fat percentage. With diet alone, you might lose weight but your body still carries too high a percentage of fat. Who wants that, right?

The key to the body you want is weight training consistently. You want to find a way to keep your weekly workouts going for the long run, whatever it may be that does it for you. This may be getting a gym membership or even an at-home gym if you are a stay at home parent. http://www.bodycompgym.com/how-to-compare-all-total-gym-models/ recommends using at-home units like those that are sold by Total Gym. This gives you no excuse to miss that workout you know you need to get done. By using a proper diet and weight training, you won’t lose muscle mass. You’ll lose body fat.

So your metabolism won’t slow down, making it less likely you’ll put weight back on. You’ll also build some shapely muscle. Instead of being skinny fat, you’ll look fit, athletic and sexy. And your metabolism will keep humming along, making it easier to keep the weight off for good.

If you want to lose fat, reshape your body and look great, you must train with weights Simply training with weights for a half hour three days per week will do wonders for your health and your body.

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