Honest Old School New Body Review – What is F4X Protocol?

Get FitIf you visit any shopping mall, park or restaurant you will realize there are many people who are overweight and obese. This is because as we grow older, our bodies start storing more fat and make us overnight. Due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise many people look twice older than they actually are.

Time is the problem.

According to research human body starts aging quickly after age 40. If right exercise and diet is not provided at this time then body starts aging even more quickly. There is nothing left except training our body to burn fat through exercise and diet.

Don’t be scare by exercise and diet because many people are doing wrong which taking longer for them. You can transform your body and reverse your aging process within few weeks by using Old School New Body.

In this website I am going to share my honest review with this program in which I will explain who are the authors behind this program and the real secret behind its success. At the end of this review I am sure your all doubts will disappear and you will able to take right decision.

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Here’s my detailed review…

What is Old School New Body?

Old School New BodyIt is 101 pages guide created by Steve and Becky Holman for all those men and women that want to burn fat, reshape body, regain health and reverse the aging process. This is completely the unique approach that is hard to discover anywhere outside this guide until you are editor-in-chief of some fitness magazine or browse thousands of books in library.

The real secret technique that is shared inside this guide is F4X Protocol method. Steve and Becky Holman created this F4X Protocol method with the help of 35 professional trainers. F4X Protocol can slow down or even reverse the aging process as you burn fat and reshaping your body.

Most importantly you can start following this program within few minutes from now because Steve and Becky deliver this program instantly. This mean you can download this program and start following it without waiting for deliveryman to deliver your order.

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About Steve and Becky Holman:

Steve Holman first started training at the age of 15 as the skinny 115-pounds guy and he is still training after 35 years. Steve is respectable when it comes to fitness and body transformation as he is currently editor-in-chief of Iron Man magazine since 25 years where he writes blog called “Built for Life”. Steve wrote more than 20 books on fitness, muscle building and body transformation. He also interviewed many popular bodybuilders in which legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Lee Lebrada and Cory Everson are few of them.

Becky Holman training on and off since 20 years. She stopped exercising in her 30s while raising two daughters but after getting frustrated from her overweight body, she made radical body transformation in just few months. She is now regularly contributing nutritional-based information into Iron Man magazine.

How Does Old School New Body Works?

Steve and Becky HolemanWhole program revolves around a secret strategy that is F4X Protocol. Since many years fitness industry is trying to make you believe that “Men and Women have to work differently” but the fact is by using F4X protocol anyone either male or female can achieve results.

The three phrases of F4X Protocol are:

F4X Lean – Steve and Becky created F4X Lean for all those men and women that want to lose 20, 30 or 40 pounds. This phrase is specifically targets towards burning unwanted fat from the body. After achieving your desired results in this phrase you can stop progressing further. This phrase is the combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and nutrition plan.

F4X Shape – This phrase is for those people that want to reshape their body. In this phrase you will learn how to build some muscle. This phrase will reshape your body and makes you look younger as well. Users will have to complete F4X Lean phrase before switching into this phrase while switching from F4X Lean to F4X Shape phrase needs only few modifications in exercise plan and diet.

F4X Build – Steve Holman created this phrase especially for those people that want to take their body into next level. In this phrase users will find out how to build muscle without bulking them.

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[Warning] Not For Everyone:

Becky TransformationF4X Protocol is simple approach towards slowing down aging process by burning fat, building muscles and regaining health. However, this program is not for those people who:

Think they are ‘too old’ for this program. There are numerous people over 70 joining this program and getting best shape. It is mind that making them think they are ‘too old’ for this program.

Think F4X is easy and they can achieve results quickly from it. F4X is simple but it is not easy. Users have to put their efforts and dedication if they want to achieve any result from this program.

Not ready to give up their bad lifestyle habits. Steve recommends some lifestyle medications that are necessary for regaining health. Don’t scare as you don’t need to cut off alcohol completely from your lifestyle. You can consume limited amount of alcohol while following this program.


This program is not a single PDF instead it is comprehensive package that comes along with bonus guides and 60-days money back guarantee. Here are bonuses you will get in this program:

Quick Start F4X Guide – This guide is created for you to print out your preferred workout schedule and takes it to GYM for easy reference

Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets – This guide contains nutrients, minerals and vitamins that boost up the process of fat burning.

Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets – This guide will reveal foods that help in building muscles

Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets – This guide will reveal secret herb that increase fat burning, sex drive and muscles in your body

Paleo Sweet – If you are getting sugar cravings then this is the perfect guide for you. This contain list of desserts that are healthy for your body


Old School New Body provides unique approach towards reversing aging process by burning fat, reshaping body and regaining health. This program comes at one-time fee of $20 and everyone can get results from this program regardless of gender, age or genetic makeup.

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